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03/03/12 23:06
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#186403 - very low power wireless communication
I am looking for a very low power solution of sending data.When i saying low power i am powering using a 500mAh lithium coin cell battery.ALso i do not want any distance the device can be placed on the reader itself.Right now i am using optical communication but facing problems like alignment etc.
I was looking for rfid like solution where the reading device itself will power the communication device.
I am googling for it but not getting any satisfactory links.If anybody have worked on such systems can you help.


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very low power wireless communication      Gopalakrishnan Narayanan      03/03/12 23:06      
   What data rate and distance?      Kalpak Dabir      03/04/12 02:32      
   Try MAX1470      Joseph Hebert      03/04/12 08:19      
   Zigbee?      Oliver Sedlacek      03/05/12 02:51      
   the trick to low power is SLEEP      Erik Malund      03/05/12 06:46      
   Have you looked at eBay?      Richard Erlacher      03/05/12 07:44      

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