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Erik Malund
03/05/12 06:42
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Mt Airy, Nc

#186428 - many examples seen here and elsewhere
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
You can go around calling yourself a software engineer spend all your time working with huge bloated software libraries which hide the details of the hardware from the softies, and then they go 'oh anyone can do embedded stuff' and they have absolutely no idea.
many examples seen here and elsewhere.
"how do you do malloc in C51", "I love function pointers, why will my software not behave" "OH, I just use the LARGE model that saves all the crap"

My 'classic example' is being asked to help with banking because the 64k limit was passed and then theowing out the "bloated software experts" and ending up with a nice app running in about 8k


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