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Ashok Kumar
03/06/12 04:43
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#186441 - +Ve Grounded Supply

Our Circuit(Micro controller with 10Bit ADC)Works on 24 Volt Power Supply
The Supply for our circuit is from Customer 48V Battery Bank the Battery Bank +Ve is connected to ground/Earth.
if we use 48v to 24V DC to DC Isolated converter what has to do with 24Volt side supply
1)+24V to ground
2) 0V to ground
3)float with respect to ground or small cap from +24V to ground any thing else??

P.Ashok Kumar

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+Ve Grounded Supply      Ashok Kumar      03/06/12 04:43      
   What else...      Kai Klaas      03/06/12 05:13      
      yes connected to micro controller      Ashok Kumar      03/06/12 06:15      
         I would ground the Vee(gnd)      Erik Malund      03/06/12 09:36      
            not Button it is a limit switch      Ashok Kumar      03/06/12 10:07      

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