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Erik Malund
03/06/12 09:36
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Mt Airy, Nc

#186447 - I would ground the Vee(gnd)
Responding to: Ashok Kumar's previous message
the button circuit (if you have shown it correctly, is an "any button" circuit.
clearly, if you want the indicators to work, you need to power it with 24V.

I would ground the Vee(gnd) of the micro circuit and use a resistive/OPamp "polarity converter" for both the A/D and the switches


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+Ve Grounded Supply      Ashok Kumar      03/06/12 04:43      
   What else...      Kai Klaas      03/06/12 05:13      
      yes connected to micro controller      Ashok Kumar      03/06/12 06:15      
         I would ground the Vee(gnd)      Erik Malund      03/06/12 09:36      
            not Button it is a limit switch      Ashok Kumar      03/06/12 10:07      

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