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Richard Erlacher
03/07/12 08:56
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Denver, Co

#186473 - Yes, perhaps that's the solution
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
However, modern "digital" oscilloscopes often don't trigger as well as much older and therefore less costly analog storage oscilloscopes. It's not unusual to find a used but perfectly functional 100 MHz or better storage instrument on eBay and other used equipment sites, for somewhere in the range between $100US and $150US. There will be more expensive ones, but so long as you buy through eBay and pay through PayPal, you can get a refund if what arrives is not what was advertised. Be certain to ask the seller specifically whether the device is fully functional, complete as delivered by the manufacturer, and undamaged.

I strongly recommend pre-1980 solid-state Tektronix instruments as opposed to Hewlett Packard or post-1980 Tektronix instruments, as Tek went to a cheaper, HP-style triggering circuit in approximately 1980. Hitachi and some other Asian manufacturers of that same era were pretty good as well.


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