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Erik Malund
03/08/12 10:49
  03/08/12 10:55

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Mt Airy, Nc

#186503 - I guess someone hijacked my e-mail address
I am getting lots (till now about 50) of "mail undeliverable" messages although I have only sent about 3 e-mails during the last week.

I guess, someone has mass-mailed masking the sender as me.

all suggestions catching/stopping/... the perpetrator welcome

also, if anyone find an e-mail "from me" sent the last day or two, PLEASE do not open it, for all I know, It ia a carrier of disease.

I do not, till Friday evening have access to my computer (out of town)


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I guess someone hijacked my e-mail address      Erik Malund      03/08/12 10:49      
   Unauthorized...      Michael Karas      03/08/12 14:03      
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      nope      Erik Malund      03/09/12 07:25      
         It's a two-edged sword.      Richard Erlacher      03/09/12 11:34      

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