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Per Westermark
03/08/12 14:07
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#186506 - Always nice with a bit of spam - silly with empty mail box
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
You first have to send an email to me, so I know which email not to open ;)

It's quite common that spammers takes an email address they have found somewhere and uses.

It has happened to me twice. Huge number of bounces from all over the world. And the original senders have been also from all over the world - hijacked zombie computers.

The interesting thing is the people who are too dim-witted to realized that a majority of spam have false senders. So they send a mail complaining - or saying that they are reporting my address as a spammer. One or two did respond back with an oops when they were told what to look for to note that my response came from a server in Sweden while the spam came from Brazil, Austria, China, ...

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