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Erik Malund
03/14/12 06:37
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Mt Airy, Nc

#186657 - it is fun to ride a veteran railroad, but ....
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
... would you like to use it for daily transportation.

likewise, it MAY (I do not see it) be fun to work with an antique chip, but not on a permanent basis. Forgetting about the lost ports and the excess board space, the external memory chip needed for your steam driven chip may very well cost you more than a '51 with sufficient internal memory.


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   inexpensive ...      Erik Malund      03/13/12 07:51      
   re: P8051AH Intel Burner      Andy Peters      03/13/12 10:06      
      those were the days      Erik Malund      03/13/12 10:41      
   forget about "burning" 'em ... they can't be reprogrammed      Richard Erlacher      03/13/12 14:08      
      it is fun to ride a veteran railroad, but ....      Erik Malund      03/14/12 06:37      
         It looks different to the hobbyist      Richard Erlacher      03/14/12 08:07      
            absolutely      Erik Malund      03/14/12 08:14      
               many of those old "steam driven" parts still work just fine      Richard Erlacher      03/14/12 08:28      

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