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Richard Erlacher
03/14/12 08:28
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Denver, Co

#186661 - many of those old "steam driven" parts still work just fine
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
I have no old Z80-based system that I once used to run my accounts-receivable/payable, print checks and invoices, etc. It still works just as well as it ever did, and, just about as fast as the software on the "latest-greatest" PC's. Even the old printer still works. I'm not likely to reprogram the check printer, though, as the bank I used back then is long-gone. The new printers don't handle multi-part forms ... <sigh> ...

It's fun, for some people, to take hardware that was in full operation before they were born and make it "do something."

If it costs the price of a couple of beers, well, some guys are willing to pay a little extra. If it costs the price of a new car, well, that's another question.


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               many of those old "steam driven" parts still work just fine      Richard Erlacher      03/14/12 08:28      

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