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Jez Smith
03/25/12 14:12
  03/25/12 14:15

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#186878 - New con trick
Never seen this one before, its quite sophisticated, they have spent some time setting it up but it still leads to the usual advance fee fraud.Obviously the company, the money and the car are fictitious

Dear Email User,

This is to inform you that your email address with MICROS ID PDX-14240-XD3-8106-CM emerge our winner of $490,000 plus a Range Rover SUV from the ZHEJIANG BSB ELECTRONICS™ Promotion. This prize we believe will enable you make some impact in the society and also help you know
more about our company.Ensure to fill our on-line application form when successfully logged in.
Please confirm your status by logging to our site below

Website :
Username : b9c6
Password : cm27

Mrs Chao Hoo

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      At least the English is somewhat improved      Kalpak Dabir      03/26/12 01:23      
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