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Richard Erlacher
03/27/12 04:17
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Denver, Co

#186906 - You're likely to be disappointed
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Richard Neveling said:
anyone know where i can find this part or have one to sell.goes toa shith corona word processor.

This P7952AH is a ROM-based part, in which the program is hard-coded into the MCU at manufacture. No effort can make it do anything other than what it is coded to do in the application into which it was designed. It is not reprogrammable, and, if you're certain it's faulty, you have to find an exact replacement. The most likely place to find one is in a replacement of the exact same machine. Be sure it's the same model and revision.

The thing most likely to help you is a search of Craigslist in your area, where you'd simply buy another of the machines you are trying to repair. You're in for a long hard search and effort.


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