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03/29/12 01:03
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#186942 - Gate pulse for anti paraller Thyristor configuration
Hello friends,

I want to generate gate pulse for anti paraller thyristor configuration for inductive load.
I generated gate pulse with position based. i checked with resistive load. its working fine but inductive load comes into picture this gate pulse (position based) is not working.

How can i explain width based and postion based gate pulse?
i am trying to explain as simple as possible

Width based: did you heard about PWM (symmetrical and asymmetrical)?
this Asymmetrical PWM also known as Edge aline PWM.
Edge aline PWM is width based which is used in thyrister controlling. width is varying in between predefine time(sine wave half cycle-10mS). this gate pulse is called extended gate pulse. its extended upto immediate zero crossover.

Position based: Generate sufficient gate pusle width for thyristor (for example 1mS). this 1mS gate pulse position varying in between sine wave half cycle - 10mS. => 0-10mS =>0-180' position is varting in between half cycle.

i have metioned above this position based gate pulse generation working fine with resistive load
please find below link in that they are explain better way....
please find Figure 12.3 in this document.

i have tried to explain my problem. if you are not satify with explaination please tell me, i will try again

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