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03/29/12 06:20
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#186943 - Inductive VS resistive characteristics
Responding to: ???'s previous message
for Resistive load the voltage and current waveform are almost identical

on the other hand, a wire wound transformer is an inductive load and the currents tends to lag behind the voltage. once triggering a triac or thyristor relies on the current flowing through the device to keep it conducting. should the current fall below the device's threshold level it will turn off or stop conducting. however with an inductive load the current lags behind the voltage so it is possible that the current through
the triac or thyristor threshold level before the triggering pulse ends. output result is unacceptable.
to avoid this, use hard firing technique for inductive load. this ensures that the triger pulse is maintained for a long enough period of time to ensure that current reaches the device's threshold level

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