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Jez Smith
04/03/12 14:07
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#186994 - gurgle
So anyways ive started working with a group at the university of Brighton in my spare time, such as it is, doing some image processing work in FPGAs, we have this wild idea that there may be some money in it, WooHoo!
Anyway this guy comes up to me today and says he is going to do eliptic curve cryptography in an FPGA, eliptic curve stuff is particularly squiggly maths, and then he says to me , so how do I do it? and i am like what??? and he says 'so how do I start?' it turns out he doesn't actually know anything about eliptic curve stuff hes just picked a sexy sounding subject.

Its not just me , the whole world is going fricking mad.

but Brighton is nice I like Brighton ,its by the sea and there are a refreshing number of eccentric people and nobody bats an eyelid.

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