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Andy Neil
04/05/12 23:41
  04/05/12 23:42

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#187020 - Code Does not make sense
Responding to: ???'s previous message
See the instructions for posting source code:

Yagnesh Mehta said:
unsigned short sync_time,alpha;

void PWM_module_init(void){ //initilization of PWM module
    PWM_module_ch0          //config as input capture& both rising and falling edge interrupt Enable
    PWM_module_ch1          //Output compare1
    PWM_Module_ch2          //output compare2
    Module_counter =0xFFFF; // free running
    PWM_module_freq         // 4MHz 

That does not make sense!

It will not even compile - you are, at least, missing several semicolons!

If PWM_module_ch0, etc, are not functions - then what are they?
And how do they achieve what the comments say??

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