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Michael Karas
04/20/12 05:34
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Beaverton Or

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#187231 - Intent Applied; But Verified??
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Maunik Choksi said:
Michael Karas said:
Maunik Choksi said:
I found same problem as you described here in the past.I initialsed the LCD thrice and I get success.

Needing to initialize the LCD controller three times to get it to work is an incredible kludge.

The most highly likely reason that it does not work correctly on the first initialization attempt is that that you are not meeting either the interface pulse time requirements or you are not meeting the minimum delay requirements between the initialization commands.

Michael Karas

Yes Mechael it would be one of the reasons.I gave proper time to initialise the LCD controller first & then gave commands according to described in the datasheet.I used different kinds of LCDs too.but couldn't succed.Then I adopt this method.This is the method,not described in the books but didn't disappoint me in a single LCD among I used too many.

The OP has write the code properly for initialisation but he find some problem.
What the OP should do here to get success in driving the LCD?
Your suggession would be helpful me too.


You say that you allowed for proper pulse timing and delays to the LCD controller. Did you verify the result of your work on an oscilloscope?

It is possible to get an LCD controller to function after a single initialization - if you do it correctly. Your concept of doing it three times is still a kludge and in fact probably just sheer dumb luck that it happens to hide the thing that you are doing wrong.

I think you owe it to yourself to dig into this issue and figure out why you are unable to initialize the LCD in one go at it. You do that and the satisfaction and expertise that grows out of it will strengthen you for the rest of your life.

Michael Karas

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