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Jez Smith
04/25/12 09:30
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#187236 - Bitmining anyone?
Someone has asked me to help him to build a bitmining machine, which is basically just an array od FPGAs trying to find hashes which meet certain criteria

Trouble is i don't see how anyone ever makes any money at it, the bitcoin price is very volatile and it takes weeks of lots of power just to generate a successful hash.
people use GPUs but FPGAs are more suited but its kind of expensive.
Anyone involved in this?

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Bitmining anyone?      Jez Smith      04/25/12 09:30      
   If you ever figure it out..      Oliver Sedlacek      04/26/12 03:37      
      Yes well      Jez Smith      04/26/12 05:14      
         Its all rather geeky in fact      Jez Smith      04/26/12 06:11      
   Would you like to work for Joedollars?        Joseph Hebert      04/26/12 16:00      
      I do think      Jez Smith      04/27/12 00:41      

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