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Jan Waclawek
04/26/12 13:47
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#187248 - a useless observation on the fat 32-bitters...
Working with a mid-range ARM, I noticed how many configuration bits and bytes they have (I am spending quite a lot of time just setting them or making sure they are set properly by default).

Every such bit means a flip-flop, consuming at least as much transistors -> silicon area than a SRAM bit (and probably quite a bit more of the silicon area, the SRAM being packed with maximum efficiency).

Thus, such a mid-range ARM has only in those (in the vast majority of applications never used) configuration bits more transistors than the whole SRAM in a contemporary mid-range 8-bitter, including most '51 derivatives...


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a useless observation on the fat 32-bitters...      Jan Waclawek      04/26/12 13:47      
   Cost-benefit      Andy Neil      04/26/12 16:37      
   Yes, but transistors are small.      Per Westermark      04/26/12 17:35      

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