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Kai Klaas
04/27/12 07:31
  04/27/12 07:32

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#187257 - Not so simple...
Responding to: Raghunathan's previous message
Raghunathan said:
What I want to know is this: Can I rig up a step down transformer, say 230/24V and connect an oscilloscope( I have a 20Mhz one ) to the secondary. Now in the same mains socket I create 'noise' by having a CF lamp and switch it on/off by touching the lead wires instead of a switch.

Dear Raghunthan,

mains filters are tricky. They do not only suppress noise over a hf band but can even increase it at lower frequencies. In any case a mains filter needs enough dampening of resonances which is normally provided by the flow of enough load current.

So, you would need two identical setups, both containing your original PC based data aquisition system, one with and the other one without the additional mains filter. Keep anything else identical. Now introduce your "noise" and look what happens...

Kai Klaas

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