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Michael Karas
05/03/12 15:38
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Beaverton Or

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#187293 - Zero Hope
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
There are a couple of formats that XILINX software creates, or, at least, used to create, which are shared between ALTERA and XILINX. I wouldn't want to bet on it, but I'd guess that JAM format can be used with Altera's software and programming hardware.

Another thing, though I'm not sure it's entirely relevant, is that I've noted that some XILINX boards now use the same connector, perhaps not the same pinout, as the ALTERA programming cables, e.g. ByteBlaster. It may be irrelevant, but may be worth a look. If nothing else, it might be possible to put a crossover cable or the like in the path.

Those "flying lead" programming cables I mentioned earlier, have no programmable logic in them. They simply use a '244 or, in one case, nothing at all, meaning just a pass-through of the relevant signals.


There is basically zero hope that Altera programming pods will work with Xilinx or Lattice download software.
There is fundamentally no hope that Xilinx programming pods will work with Altera or Lattice download software.
There is zero hope that programming pods from Lattice will work with Xilinx or Altera download software.

I pointed this all out in this previous posting:

So please stop posting that there is hope for using JTAG access pods in a cross vendor application. Your look at it is fundamentally flawed for two reasons. First off you are conjuring up hardware level compatibility for the simplest of parallel port adapters with simple logic chip buffer. There is zero assurance that any one vendor of a house branded adapter of this type even connected the parallel port pins in any way compatible with a similar adapter from another vendor. Secondly is that fact that the usage model for using these old parallel port adapters is pretty much broken due to the disappearnce of parallel ports on newer computers and the fact that Windows is making it harder and harder for applications to use the parallel port for bit banging type applications. This latter point is strengthened by the fact that today virtually all house branded programming/download pods are equipped with USB type host interfaces.

Michael Karas

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