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05/16/12 12:25
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#187382 - I am using Dennis Ritchie_ANCI C
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message

I am referring ANCI C by Dennis Ritchie.
when i go through any document or any book at time i understand but when i am trying to solve any Qus.& problem at that time i am confused ?

this is example, i understand..
for example:
int iSize; //at BSS
char *f(void)
char *p; //at Stack
iSize = 8; //at Data
p = malloc(iSize); //at Heap
return p;

but what about below example?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#define MAX_STRINGS 128
void ReadStrings(char **strings, int *nstrings, int maxstrings, FILE *fp)
char string[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];
*nstrings = 0;
while (fgets(string, MAX_STRING_LENGTH, fp)) {
strings[(*nstrings)++] = strdup(string);
if (*nstrings >= maxstrings) break;
int main()
char *strings[MAX_STRINGS];
int nstrings;
ReadStrings(strings, &nstrings, MAX_STRINGS, stdin);
SortStrings(strings, nstrings);
WriteStrings(strings, nstrings, stdout);
return 0;

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