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Michael Karas
05/17/12 15:58
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Beaverton Or

#187404 - 'F120 Series
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
Have you considered the SILabs C8051F120 running 1 clock at 100MHz?

This is actually a great idea. The 'F120 series have _two_ 12-bit D/As.

At 100MHz clocking rate it would be hard to believe that you could not achieve nice sine waves at 10-20KHz on the two channels simulteneously.

The 'F120 series D/A converters have a timer driven update mode to give accurate jitter free strobe times. When using this timer mode you can setup to get a software interrupt that occurs right after the D/A update. In the service routine the software quickly updates the D/A data registers where the data is held till the next timer update. To operate two channels set them up to update off the same timer channel. Then a single interrupt routine can be used to setup the D/A data registers for both of the channels.

The maximum sine wave frequency is limited by the frequency of the D/A update timer divided by the number of samples in the sinewave look up table. Of course the maximum frequency is also throttled by how quckly the interrupt service routine can get in, update the D/A registers. increment the look up table pointer(s) and then get out of the ISR.

Michael Karas

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