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05/18/12 02:40
  05/18/12 02:57

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#187410 - Production Line Velocity Calculation
Hi All Members,
In a profile's Production Line there is a flying saw that not works well,and i want to solve this problem,Let me to describe more,
There is a measuring wheel and an encoder coupled for measuring position and velocity of product,
theres is also an encoder copuled to carriage too,
now i want at specified thershold of product length,the carriage start to move till at specified position carriage and product have the same velocity ready to cut,

what is the mathematical approach for this requirement,

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Production Line Velocity Calculation      MEHDI      05/18/12 02:40      
   are you saying      Erik Malund      05/18/12 07:02      
      Yes,      MEHDI      05/18/12 08:54      
   Acceleration      Michael Karas      05/18/12 08:16      
      thanks      MEHDI      05/18/12 09:17      
         a= 2/s x v^2      Kai Klaas      05/19/12 19:10      
            Hi,Kai      MEHDI      05/19/12 23:52      
               true      MEHDI      05/20/12 12:11      
                  Need Coordinated Motion Profile      Michael Karas      05/22/12 11:40      
                     The Industry Terminology,,,      Michael Karas      05/22/12 11:45      
                     maybe      MEHDI      05/26/12 10:26      
      Another way      MEHDI      05/19/12 00:58      
   maybe NOT      Michael Karas      05/26/12 14:00      

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