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05/18/12 09:17
  05/18/12 09:20

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Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
Yes you are right,
The prodcut line has a constant velocity all the time,
and i only can control carriage velocity,

assume that the desired length to cut is Y,And V is product velocity
and carriage is in home position,
After T,product will be in new position with length of Y+X,
so if carriage at X position reach to velocity of V and reamin constant after that,
there is 2 equations,
1- X=V*T (the product travelling distance)
2- X=1/2*aT^2(the travelling distance by carriage acceleration)
so a=2V/T
now how can i reach to carriage acceleration of (a) at X position?
a servo drive with +/-10V speed reference is exist there,

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