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Jason Arkwright
05/31/12 15:57
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#187594 - Thanks JIM
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Jim Granville said:

If you really need to pgm the ATF750, then EEtools ChipMAX 2 is a good choice.

If you just want more general CPLD support, better might be to just target the ISP CPLD of ATF15xx series, and use their ~$50 ATDH1150USB ?
( or the more complete ATF15XX-DK3 includes the cable )

I also see the Atmel ISP software has support for 3 ByteBlaster models, if you have a parallel port, so that is another choice - build your own.

Xilinx CPLDs are ok, but they are thin on 5V support, and have no SPLDs.

Hi Jim,

First of all thank you for the advice and I have subsequently ordered a Chipmax2 from Mouser, I should have it tomorrow infact, so I will have no no more chip programming restrictions. At the moment I'm working on a synthesized shortwave receiver with 45MHz first i.f.. The problem designing shortwave receivers is getting hold of a dual modulus prescaler type synthesizer in a chip and the correct crystals. There are 2 which I have in stock(MB1504 and MC145158-2) but I'm not going to use them because these parts are expensive and difficult to get hold of. So I'm going to try making my own crystal filters either 48MHz or 40MHz first I.F., from Mouser.


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