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Per Westermark
06/04/12 13:54
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#187613 - Don't think so much about modification as in extraction
Responding to: Andy Peters's previous message
Andy Peters said:
What's the intent? It's not like the hacker can remotely reprogram the FPGA to have to do some evil thing (like bring down a plane or focus a laser beam on the White House).

You are thinking about changing the logic in an existing chip for use in a specific unit installed at a specific place. But if the FPGA have memory, that memory can contain encryption keys that are stored unencrypted - and extraction of these keys can allow someone to do a lot of interesting thing remotely.

The hacker needs to have access to the JTAG port in order to do anything malicious. Even if the hacker wanted to clone the device, he needs access to it.

And the JTAG port is normally available as a connector or test pads on the PCB - so someone who steals/loans such a box and opens it will have access to the JTAG port.

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