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Richard Erlacher
06/05/12 09:46
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Denver, Co

#187620 - Right on!
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
You're absolutely right! If there were anything meaningful for them to publish, perhaps they'd print that, but ...

Protecting IP is such a minor concern, FPGA makers have pretty much ignored it since they first became viable products. Yes, there have been attempts at integrating nonvolatile technologies with the RAM-based arrays, but the cost and other factors, mostly cost, though, have kept that from becoming a popular solution.

After all, when you field a product, etched in stone, so to speak, you're already at work on the next iteration, and whoever steals your IP gets an obsolete bitstream to skull out, usually at considerable expense. By the time others figure it out, you're already in production with the "next big thing."


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