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06/12/12 12:17
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#187681 - AT89S52 - PWM RGB LED Control
Hi Gals and Guyz!

In the first place, I'd like to introduce myself :)
I am 18 years old boy, studying third grade at Secondary School of Electrotechnical Engineering, coming from Czech Republic to you for the advice :)

I have to do my seminar work with AT89S52, please check out this video on YT - and you're gonna understand what I meant by the PWM...

Some requirements:
1. Assembler code
2. LED changes colors randomly?

Some pictures:
1. Non-soldering field with 1x RGB LED, 3x protective resistors and some left-over parts -
2. Default AT89S52's wiring -

If you decide to help me, I'd like to thank you then for your participation on my seminar work :)

Have a nice day,

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