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Erik Malund
06/12/12 13:54
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Mt Airy, Nc

#187682 - a couple of notes
Responding to: ???'s previous message
and you're gonna understand what I meant by the PWM...
well, that could be the result of PWM

non-soldering field
NO!, do not use a blasted "pegboard" it will give you more trouble than the 'value' of not having to solder.

LEDs do not have 'afterglow" thus the PWM must run at a minimum of 120Hz or some people will see flicker.

the "natural read" of your post is "please send me schematic and code" if that is what it means, you are in the wrong place, the philosophy here is: we will help anyone but not do the job for them.

If, however, you are going to do the job yourself, come back when you have specific questions.

Have fun,


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