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Erik Malund
06/15/12 16:46
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Mt Airy, Nc

#187723 - what's on P2 is not that intersting initially, ...
Responding to: John Papas's previous message
But in circuits which have problem i do not take anything in Hyper Terminal and checking the circuit i measure something strange. I measure with oscillator the ports of high byte adress in Port2 and i see that all take some time level hig
what's on P2 is not that intersting, that can depend on the capabilities of your "oscillator" :) what's on the other side of the address latch is what you want to check first.

before reposting state what oscilloscope you have, and, if not a common brand, state the bandwidth and analog/DSO


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   what's on P2 is not that intersting initially, ...      Erik Malund      06/15/12 16:46      
      oszi daten      John Papas      06/18/12 12:16      
         depends on the app, but still      Erik Malund      06/18/12 12:51      
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         Replay      John Papas      06/19/12 15:52      
            It wouldn't hurt to know how you've connected your hardware      Richard Erlacher      06/19/12 17:03      
               new      John Papas      06/20/12 07:12      
                  Just curious...      Hal Albach      06/20/12 07:34      
                     I have to agree with Hal, it can't be done ...      Richard Erlacher      06/20/12 09:13      

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