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Erik Malund
06/19/12 09:24
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Mt Airy, Nc

#187793 - anyhow this begs a question
Responding to: John Papas's previous message
In the circuits that have this problem, the MAX307 is also destroyed(the reset is always active)
then replace it
or its output is lower than its supply. So, when the supply is 5v i should take 5V, but i measure 4V.
well above Vih, not a problem

anyhow this begs a question. does your micro (which I have never heard of, post a datsheet link) have it's own reset circuit like e.g. the Rx2. If so, and no isolation between the two, you will keep blowing resets.


PS re "post datsheet link" NOT from a blasted "datsheet collector", from the manufacturer

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