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Richard Erlacher
06/19/12 17:10
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Denver, Co

#187796 - There are cases where DigiKey has no clue
Responding to: Andy Peters's previous message
One example is their "wire-wrap" DIN41612 connectors, which I frequently have used for stacking boards.

The things that they, in this case, ship, and which they clearly label, "Wire-Wrap" are not wire-wrap types at all, but are PC-mount soldertail parts. Their supplier knows the difference and labels the parts properly, but they relabel them incorrectly.

In cases where a distributor is involved, I'd suspect the distributor, not for malfeasance, but for simple ignorance. The quality of people they're willing to hire, these days, have no knowledge or experience in electronics, haven't a clue what's important, e.g. package type, and really can't be expected to do anything right.


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