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Per Westermark
06/19/12 23:15
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#187797 - Mixed wheel
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
What you and at least one other person have missed here is that it wasn't just a mixup. It was a single component wheel containing two different components. A distributor should never have such a wheel to sell unless
- the component manufacturer did something wrong when switching production between different components.
- the component manufacturer custom-make special component wheels for a specific customer and then incorrectly sent it out as a normal wheel of components.
- the distributor did not buy it from a manufacturer, but itself created it from spot-market/surplus components or bought it from a company who do buy spot/surplus.

Many component pickers can measure component values while picking (not just check the wheel but check each individual component).
At the same time, the component pickers have room for a limited number of wheels of components in the magazines.

So it can speed up production to have a wheel with mixed components when you have a huge-volume product and know a component relation between two component values. And the picker can still make sure it doesn't lose the sync by measure each individual component. But a mixed wheel is obviously not a standard product that should accidentally end up in the wrong hands.

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