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Jim Granville
07/04/12 10:19
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#187852 - Use the web
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Arif Deshmukh said:
I am look out for cheapest microcontroller in flash as well OTP. I heard about Holtek. But I don't have proper costing of the same.

DIP Package
15 I/O
EEPROM, Minimal, Only to store four digit password.
Flash/OTP, 4K.
RAM, Around 1k work

Stefan is right 1K is large ram for this, so will dominate the selector, so you simply go to Digikey, select Microcontroller, and 15..18 io (as you have bumped to a 18/20 pin package here), and 1K ram, and sort by price.

Also note that DIP packages are NOT the lowest price.

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