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Richard Erlacher
07/04/12 11:25
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Denver, Co

#187853 - Sadly, the www may not tell you everything
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
... especially about cost.

As has already been pointed out, on-chip RAM of 1 kB is probably not so common, and 4 kB of program store isn't that common either.

What aobut other requirements?

I'd guess that IAP might eliminate your need for the small EEPROM you seem to believe you need. What you might consider, too, is an external EEPROM interfaced with I2C or SPI. Perhaps an external RAM, similarly interfaced, would work, too. That will expand your choices.

DIP package is probably going to be difficult if you want product life to be a factor. Those are going away pretty quickly.

A thorough search of the www will find the parts for you, and, possibly, a check with will give you some pricing information.


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