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Joseph Hebert
07/06/12 08:39
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Okemah, Ok
United States

#187870 - Applet
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
So the Javascript code embedded in the web page code is NOT an applet? Because an applet is something else? So what do you call the "small application" that is written in Javascript and embedded in the web page?

Wait! You know what? I don't care. "App" is pretty universally recognized as an abbreviated derivation of the word application, and the suffix "et," or "ette" in the feminine, is pretty objectively defined as meaning "a smaller version." So, as far as I'm concerned, a small application is an applet, regardless what it was written in, how it is handled in an IP stack, whether it is embedded in another code or compiled to run on a particular platform, whether it was made to run under Linux or Windows or Apple, .... I don't really care what sort of arbitrary definintions a bunch of code geeks try to impose on the rest of the world just so they can try to stake out their own little fiefdom. If my well-defined and standard use of the language confuses them, too bad. If they want a word to distinguish some obscure distinction that they and they alone will recognize, let them make up their own. This one is taken.

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