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Ralph Sac
07/07/12 11:17
  07/07/12 11:24

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#187882 - Adobe Arcobat Reader Pdf "What's up Doc"
Hi to all members:

I was wondering if any member using Adobe Arcobat Reader pdf ever had this type of problem with their printer using the reader. I have Lexmark x1155 printer that prints perfect copy, but when using the reader at any thing other then 100% print does'nt print correct copy to printer. Example you select 50% using reader and it still prints 100% to the printer. You select 200% using reader still prints 100%. My priner uses usb port and when viewied using Usb View shows all connections ok as far usb port. I have downloaded the latest upgrade for using windows 7 64bit system for printer. Their's no change as far as printing my documents. Is their any member that knows how to check for error using Usb View within setting of usb port. I looked around on google for why this problem is happening, so far no luck. I would appreicate any idea's any member has on this subject.

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

P.S. The software also does not read the correct amount of ink in print cartridge. Example cartridge always looks emty even when full.

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Adobe Arcobat Reader Pdf "What's up Doc"      Ralph Sac      07/07/12 11:17      
   Lexmark Cartridges      Michael Karas      07/07/12 13:39      
      That's not the case      Ralph Sac      07/07/12 14:53      
         What percentage?      Per Westermark      07/07/12 20:30      
            How about 'Current View' radio button?      Hal Albach      07/08/12 00:53      
         re: Empty Ink Cartridges      Hal Albach      07/08/12 02:36      
            My Lexmark has few add on's      Ralph Sac      07/09/12 15:58      
               Really?      Per Westermark      07/09/12 17:08      
                  You right but      Ralph Sac      07/09/12 17:48      
                     Maybe      Per Westermark      07/09/12 17:54      
                        One cartridge      Ralph Sac      07/10/12 05:45      
                           Expensive Ink      Hal Albach      07/10/12 10:02      
                              Not such a great deal....      Michael Karas      07/10/12 17:13      
                                 Agreed, but....      Hal Albach      07/10/12 17:54      
                              No luck      Ralph Sac      07/11/12 04:19      
                                 Re: No Luck      Hal Albach      07/11/12 08:29      
      See my post one cartridge      Ralph Sac      07/10/12 05:55      

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