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Per Westermark
07/07/12 20:30
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#187885 - What percentage?
Responding to: Ralph Sac's previous message
The question here is what percentage you are adjusting when printing?

The percentage shown above the document is only controlling the zoom level when viewing the document.

When actually printing, you may have quite a different set of settings available depending on what printer driver that is used.

I only see settings Page Scaling with options "None", "Fit to Printable Area", "Shrink to Printable Area", "Multiple pages per sheet" and "Booklet Printing".

Then I can go deeper into the printer-specific settings and there find a second set of scaling options "Real size", "Write document to..." and a selection of different page sizes. "% of normal size".

And I also have a third option for size - I can specify number of pages to print/sheet. 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 or 16 pages/sheet.

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