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Hal Albach
07/08/12 00:53
  07/08/12 02:22

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Seminole, Florida

#187886 - How about 'Current View' radio button?
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Current View button under More Options in the Pages to Print area lets me print a PDF document just as its displayed on the screen, scaled to whatever percentage you have set on the PDF page. However, the Current View button does not always appear as an option. It usually comes back after closing and reopening the document.

In playing with the "Current View" feature I have just learned from Acrobat that the "current View" function is only available as long as you do not select a page in the document. Instead, scroll to the area you wish to print, use the + or - buttons at the top to scale the image so that it is displayed as you want to print it. Then click the printer icon and "Current View" should be under More Options. If instead it has "Selected Pages" then you need to close the document and reopen, and do not click on any page in the document, just scroll to it. (If at any time while the document was open and you selected a page, "Current View" will not be available until you close and reopen the documant.)


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