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Ralph Sac
07/09/12 15:58
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#187894 - My Lexmark has few add on's
Responding to: Hal Albach's previous message
Hal Albach said:
My HP printer, which uses similar cartridges, occasionally does not report true ink levels and I have found that careful cleaning of the cartridge contact area in the printer and cartridge may resolve the issue. A Q-tip very slightly dampened with alcohol usually did the trick. Use canned air afterwards to insure the swab did not leave any lint behind.


Hi Hal:

My lexmark x1155 has button to push that clears the ink jet nozzles. And it also works with software to control this function of the printer. Also when I used my old laptop using win Xp it showed the ink cartridge full or half empty or anywhere in between. So part of my problem may be the new lexmark upgrade may not be completely compatable with windows 7 64bit system. Even though Lexmark say's that it is completely compatable.

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

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