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Ralph Sac
07/09/12 17:48
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#187896 - You right but
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark said:
I would be very impressed if your HP printer, on press of a button, removes the ink cartridges and cleans the connectors on the cartridges - note the big difference between cleaning the contacts and cleaning the nozzles ;)

Hi Per Westermark:

But if I put brand new ink cartridge from a store not a refill in printer and still have a problem would not the problem look more like software problem between the windows 7 64bit system and the printer and not the ink cartridge that was just installed in the printer? Same problem not being able to read the level of ink cartridge. The cartridge works perfectly except for this problem. Two new ink cartridges should not have the same exact problem reading ink level with software.

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

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