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Ralph Sac
07/10/12 05:45
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#187898 - One cartridge
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark said:
It can be a sw problem. It can also be the contacts on the printer side.

Or your printer have an error somewhere - maybe between the moving head assembly and the main part, resulting in the signals sometimes surviving and sometimes not.

Is it all cartridges that haves issues, or just one or more specific colors?

Hi Per Westermark:

This is older printer that prints regular copy and scan copy using usb port only. Their are only two cartridges one with all colors and one black which only works with both for black only. But can be used with one cartridge color only.Will print up to 400 copies paper in black and white or color. So baicially it is a one cartridge printer. I never use the black cartridge. Most everything I copy is in color. The newer printers from Lexmark make you purchase three color cartridges. My x1155 cost about $45 a cartridge. If buy new printer it would be about $150 for three cartridges. Most of time I just use scan function. I will try repair my old xp laptop so I can see if same trouble happens as far as reading ink supply. As I said before I am now using win7 64bit with this printer which was using win xp 32bit system before when it did work. So maybe the Lexmark upgrade for 64bit does not work correctly with my printer?

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

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