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Ralph Sac
07/10/12 05:55
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#187899 - See my post one cartridge
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
Michael Karas said:
Many Lexmark Cartridges have special chips mounted on or in them that keep track of usage during the time the cartridge is used in the printer. When the printer deems the cartridge empty the chip is written with a marker code that indicates "empty".

If you have happened to try to re-fill the cartridge yourself from one of those low cost re-fill kits the printer will still think the cartridge is empty!!

Could this be the scenario surrounding your PS note on the posting?

Michael Karas

Hi Michael:

No. I tryed brand new cartridge from dealer and does not change as far as reading ink supply. It's start off full in Lexmark setup and passes print test. First time I try print from my browser on internet it tells me my cartrigde is empty. I still think it may be problem with Lexmark upgraded software. "See my post one cartridge".

Best regards,

Ralph Sac

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