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Hal Albach
07/11/12 08:29
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Seminole, Florida

#187907 - Re: No Luck
Responding to: Ralph Sac's previous message
When viewing the document with Acrobat Reader, are you able to change the zoom level on the screen with the + or - buttons at the top?

From your last posting I'm getting the impression we both are talking about different things regarding "Current View". When I mention "current view" I am talking about an option that you select on the Print page, about 1/3 the way down on the left side under the heading Pages to Print and just below "More Options". I may be wrong but when I read your post it sounds like you are using "current view" more like what you are looking at now.
Just so we're on the same page, let me briefly describe how I obtain a printed document scaled to how I want it.
I open the PDF file and scroll to the section of interest. I make sure I do NOT select any particular page since that will prevent "Current View" from appearing as an option on the Print page. I then use the Plus and Minus buttons at the top of the PDF document to zoom in (or out) so that what I see on the screen is what I want to print. I also use the scroll bars on the right and bottom to center the image on the screen. I then click on the printer icon on the PDF page to open the Print page. Going down the left side I should find the "Current View" button just under "More Options". (If instead "Selected Pages" is there I'll have to close the PDF document and reopen, making sure not to select any pages, making sure to only scroll to what I want to print. When I select the "Current View" button the preview pane to the right will change to what I have set up in the PDF document. Once I am satisfied that 'What I see is What I'm Going to Get' I press the print button and out comes the printed copy, just the way I set it up.

Long story short is if you do not select the "Current View" button the printer will print whatever PAGE is showing in the preview. Select "Current View" and you can print whatever part of the document is currently on your SCREEN. I guess you can call it WYSIWYG. (What you see is what you get).

Hoping this helps,


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