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Erik Malund
07/12/12 01:16
  07/12/12 01:19

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Mt Airy, Nc

#187911 - as far as the '51 goes
Responding to: Oliver Sedlacek's previous message
1. C++ new() and delete() may generate more code than malloc() and free(), but that's becuase they do more.

2. Using heap for dynamic storage is a bad idea in an embedded system regardless of whether you
are using C or C++. Using pooled memory is safe, and easier to implement in C++ than in C.

as far as the '51 goes, irrelevant, using dynamic storage or pooled memory is processor overload

but can generate a lot of code
why (again for the '51) jump through heaps just to "avoid what bloats"

again here is the thing that is (almost) always overlooked: a coffeemaker (>1k code) is an embedded system and a cellphone ( often 1M+ of code) is an embedded system, thus "this is good for embedded systems" without a qualifier is total balooney.


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