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Per Westermark
07/14/12 01:18
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#187933 - This is a low-security lock - or no measly 4-digit PIN
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
... are the bane to most security.
the customer calls "I have forgotten my code" and can the forever open every safe you made by the master code.

since this is for safes, I would provide a means of connecting them to a PC and have a means of you - and you only - reading the customer code via the net.


Don't worry - anything with a 4-digit PIN code is cheap enough that they can get a sledge hammer to open it and then buy a new one.

Next thing - no master code should, for obvious reasons, be the same between multiple installations. If the customer have a master code to open their lock, no one else needs to care.

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