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07/17/12 05:21
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#187956 - How does this look?
Responding to: Oliver Sedlacek's previous message
Perfect, thanks for the suggestions, guys!

I tried a few different approaches and decided to use this function for right shifting:

signed short RightShift(signed short NumToShift, unsigned char NumBitsShift)
	NumToShift >>= (NumBitsShift - 1);
	NumToShift = NumToShift + 1;
	NumToShift >>= 1;
	return NumToShift;


It seems to solve my shifting problem and should be faster than a division operator. Does that look ok or would you recommend another approach? I know Per Westermark suggested adding a number based on the number of shifts but if I either need to have multiple cases (which is possible) or I need to add 2^(NumBitsToShift-1) and I believe the ^ operator takes a long time. So it looks like this is the best approach.

If I'm wrong, let me know (I'm still a bit rusty on my C coding). Thanks!

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