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Jim Granville
08/02/12 15:09
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#187987 - Wide Vcc CPLDs sadly rare
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
Perhaps certain CPLD's would do the job

It is an obvious capability that they SHOULD have, but sadly, CPLD vendors are glacial in joining Microcontrollers in Wide Vcc operation.

The newest 1.8V core CPLD's either limit to 3.3V max, or they have many caveats on what are 'somewhat 5V tolerant' outputs.
NONE will formally specify an ability to drive to 5V on one side, from a 1.8V input on the other.

Best devices for this are the Dual-Rail Voltage Translators, as you can properly drive push-pull with those.

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