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Richard Erlacher
08/12/12 07:38
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Denver, Co

#188051 - I've often been unable to understand priorities of others
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
I don't see the sense of collecting old IC's. That doesn't keep people from doing it. Likewise, I don't see the point in spending $100k on refitting a perfectly good car costing $30k or more just to make it into a different car costing $20k, yet they do it on TV every week.

Clearly some folks see value where I don't. Per once argued that a cellphone is an appropriate replacement for a Rolodex and a wristwatch, among other things, and, while I don't agree, I can, in a fashion, see why one might see things that way.

Inasmuch as I've discarded old cerdips that might otherwise have made interesting tie-tacks, or cuff links, or whatever, I certainly can't see any reason to pay $800 for one of them. I really can't justify paying much for any old computing hardware, unless it's complete and operational.

Old microcomputers, when operational, generally had quite a range of I/O capability. Those are capable of doing useful work, though they do require they be programmed to do that. That old i8008 chip requires a lot of hardware and firmware before it'll do anything.

I witnessed a relative purchasing the last-offered case of 1936 Chateau Montrachet at a price that was just ridiculous. It required the buyer build a wine-cellar costing millions just to preserve its value. Surely one wouldn't drink such a precious commodity! Why, then, would one buy it? ... and then, at least you could drink it ... but $800 for an old Intel cerdip?


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