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Richard Erlacher
08/14/12 11:26
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Denver, Co

#188075 - We don't do it willingly ...
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
Some 30 years ago, there was a slogan bandied about, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." There's some sense to that, but I, for one, fail to see the sense in allowing the marketing of assault rifles that are essentially worthless for hunting, too inaccurate for target work, but easily modified for fully automatic operation.

I'm slowly beginning to believe that gun ownership, perhaps together with a massive infusion of TV and movie violence, is what creates these lunatics from what otherwise might have been perfectly reasonable people. That may explain a lot of things, keeping in mind that I once was an avid target-shooter with rifle, pistol, and shotgun. I only own a few guns now, and all but one of them are in varying states of disassembly, requiring hours of effort to make them useable. The one to which I refer as my "teddy bear" is fully assembled and ready for action. I have a lot more confidence in my dogs' ability to fend off intruders than just the one pistol, but I once was, after all, a world-class competitive shooter. I'm quite certain I could, with a single shot, dispatch anyone within 50 feet or so, though I can't imagine why I'd want to do that.

The biggest problem with the gun-rights issue in the U.S. is that the nation is one that reacts only to extremes. This has led to a legal system that's entirely based on adverserial interactions, a gun lobby that believes the only position to take is on the side of the lunatic fringe, and an equally extreme anti-gun lobby.

In a nation that has, for generations, idolized the criminal element in society, tolerated corrupt government at home while criticizing it abroad, and worshiped bullying and violence since the nation was founded, it's no wonder things are so.

The problem really isn't with the guns ... it's with the people.


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